Will Epoxy Floor Paint Spruce Up Your Garage?

Let’s face it, you are sick and tired of looking at your dirty, stained concrete garage floor. Epoxy floor paint is an excellent way to preserve your concrete flooring. Pulling your vehicle onto a beautiful, shiny showroom floor every night after work is a great feeling.

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Epoxy floor paint is a very durable long lasting coating that is painted onto your concrete floor. It is a popular choice, especially among car enthusiasts because it resists oil, grease and other chemicals and substances that would otherwise damage standard types of paint.

Another reason this product is popular is that it is easy to clean if you do spill something onto it. There is a variety of colors available to use and regardless of the color; your flooring will look great for years.

Now this may sound like a great idea to you, however, it can be quite a labor-intensive job to undertake. Preparing concrete for epoxy floor paint can be a lot of work. In addition, not all concrete will hold the paint. To tell whether your floor is able to be painted you will have to do a moisture test. Tape a plastic bag to the floor and wait for twenty-four hours.

Once the time has lapsed, lift a corner of the bag to epoxy flooring for homes look for moisture. If there is moisture under the plastic then do not apply epoxy floor paint to your garage floor because the water will break the bond of the epoxy. If your concrete passes this test then another test is the weather test. The temperature outside must be between sixty and ninety degrees and the concrete must be at least fifty-five degrees as well.

If all these conditions are met then you can begin the process. If it is a completely bare concrete floor then you can begin the process, if it is a painted floor then the paint should be removed first.

Purchase good epoxy floor paint from your local hardware store or home improvement center. Make sure you follow the directions that come with the product. When you are ready to begin, make sure you wear the proper protective clothing and eyewear.

Your garage floor should be properly prepared before applying the epoxy floor paint. This job entails a lot of hard work as the floor needs to scraped and cleaned. Once any surface debris has been scraped off then make sure you sweep it thoroughly. A concrete cleaner and degreaser is then applied to the floor by scrubbing until the floor is clean.