Exercise Stability Balls Are for More Than Just Abs!

While thinking about writing my first article for EzineArticles, I could not stop thinking about the stability ball I am sitting on at my desk.

Why use an exercise stability ball during weight loss?

Not only are stability balls good for working abdominal muscles during an exercise routine, they are great for other uses, and they are very inexpensive… you can find them in many stores.

Stability balls are great as a replacement for the standard chair you would sit on at a home or business office. Stability balls lead to correct posture where the spine is easily supported and cause less Sarms for weight loss back and leg fatigue then sitting in a regular chair. Improvements are noted in abdominal core strength, which is a great first step in improving your overall body and preparation for future exercise.

What about lymph tissue and the use of a stability ball?

Most people have no clue that the lymphatic system in the body is larger than the circulatory system. While the circulatory system consists of blood pathways, lymph tissue and lymph ducts cover the entire body, and have key points called lymph nodes. They are also connected directly to the spleen, liver and other organs.

The lymph tissue in the body is clear, viscous fluid. In most people, especially those who are very overweight or immobile, or who sit for a long time (ie: couch potatoes, office workers, etc), lymph has a hard time moving and draining. The lymph carries toxins and debris from the various parts of the body to the various organs where it is expelled as waste. If the lymph is slow and not moving, guess what happens to toxins! They do not leave the body, and the result is disease, fatigue, and over time, major physical damage.

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