9 Simple Home Repairs Tips To Ensure Your Residential Security

There are many simple things that you can do to ensure that your house is protected. From calling a residential locksmith to install a simple deadbolt lock to trimming your bushes, the simple home repairs and improvements that you can make to your house can be a simple way of ensuring that your house is protected and secure against burglary.

1. The simplest thing that you can do to ensure the safety of your house is by ensuring that the locking system around your house is comprehensive. Ensure that all of your windows have locks, as many windows don’t come with locks installed on them and are easily slid open by burglars. Even simple lock is more than enough to deter a burglar.

2. Change the latch lock on your doors to deadbolt locks to ensure that your doors are completely impenetrable to all but those willing to actually break down the door. Many burglars are easily able to slip a credit card between the door and jamb in order to depress the tongue of the latch, allowing them easy entrance. A deadbolt is impossible to open without the key, and you can be sure that your house will be protected if you use a deadbolt.

3. Make sure that there is not a lot of space between your door and its frame, as that is often inviting to thieves to jimmy the lock. Use plywood or paneling to ensure that there is only the space between the door and frame that is required to allow the door to open easily.

5. Some houses have the door hinges installed on the outside of the house, and you should take care to install the hinges inside the security services house if that is the case in your house. Having hinges on the outside is practically begging thieves to take your door off of its hinges, and you should take precautions by installing the hinges on the inside.

6. If you have a number of sliding glass doors in your house, you can easily make them impossible for burglars to open by placing a metal or wooden bar in the sliding track. If you make the bar as long as or slightly longer than the glass sliding door, you can ensure that the door cannot be opened.

7. Glass windows and sliding doors can easily be broken, and you need to take precautions against a thief desperate enough to break glass. Simply install locks that require a key to open, and you should also install fortified glass in your sliding windows.

8. Always take care of any rotting wooden door or window frames. Burglars can pry or cut through the rot fairly easily, so it is important to perform regular upkeep on your house. Not only will you ensure that it looks good, you will also be taking precautions against burglary.

9. Cover or frost your garage windows to impede the burglar’s ability to tell whether your car is inside or not. Always keep your garage door closed and tightly locked, regardless of whether your car is in the garage or not.